Do you use FetchXML Builder? Please consider helping a friend out.

I use the FetchXML Builder on my Power Platform almost on a daily basis. It saves me so much in building SSRS reports, it allows me to build powerful Power Apps portals web templates and it also helps me building Power Automate flow queries.

What is FetchXML Builder? It is a tool that is part of the XrmToolBox that allows you to quickly point and click choose tables from Dataverse (aka entities from Common Data Service/Dynamics CRM), choose the columns, filtering, sorting, etc and it will generate equivalent FetchXML, OData, JSON formats, etc.

The tool has saved me personally 100s of hours… and world wide I am sure it has saved customers, partners, consultants, developers *millions* of hours… considering standard billable rates, the cost savings are enough to fund research into life saving treatments many times over or to feed thousands of children in developing nations.

Why do I mention that?

The creator of the FetchXML Builder, plus a number of other very useful tools, presenter, MVP and my friend Jonas Rapp, suffered a stroke on February 17th. Jonas is a fighter and on the road to recovery. A summary of what happened can be heard on the latest episode of the XrmToolCast.

Now it’s our turn to help Jonas.

Jonas is always giving and always helping people, and beyond spending countless hours creating time-saving tools is that he gives to various charitable foundations, such as UNICEF and Cancerfonden.  Based on the latest developments, there are ideas of helping out the Swedish Brain Institute.

Normally I would suggest giving a donation to buy a beer or pizza in appreciation of his work, but I know Jonas will likely redirect that donation to someone else who needs it.

Please help support him and his causes with a donation at

I wish my friend Jonas a speedy recovery. He is communicating via emojis and I look forward to when I can once again go to a football game, watch one of Jonas’ presentations or just sit down and have a beer with my friend.

December 2018 in Houston at a Texans football game (NFL), and yes, Jonas did mock me for wearing CFL swag.

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