Scheduling your Dynamics 365 Update

With the recent announcement that Customer Driven Updates (aka CDU) are now available to upgrade Dynamics 365 to the v9 release (aka July 2017 update, aka October 2017 update, aka February 2018 update) customers might be keen to upgrade their existing Dynamics 365 v8.x instances. This is a little side step from my ongoing “Migration… Continue reading Scheduling your Dynamics 365 Update

Dynamics 365 Attachment Storage Revisited

I recently wrote a couple of blogs regarding the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Attachment Management solution that highlighted the benefits of using Azure Blob storage to hold attachments.  I also uncovered an issue when using the Attachment Management solution with Dynamics 365 Portals. The team at Microsoft Labs did not let this go unnoticed and created… Continue reading Dynamics 365 Attachment Storage Revisited

Don’t Google ‘Google’ and don’t name a CRM org “Portals”

I am putting together a fresh development virtual machine image running CRM 2016 for my developer team.  I also wanted to install and configure ADXStudio Portals as we are planning more projects using this technology. I setup Dynamics CRM 2016 and named my default organization “TEST”.  Brought up CRM with no issues.  I decided to… Continue reading Don’t Google ‘Google’ and don’t name a CRM org “Portals”