Setting Multilanguage in Portals

This may be a surprise to some, but the Internet is available in other languages beside English. Shocking news!  When this happen?  Is this real or just “Fake” news? The following is a step by step guide to enable multi-language in the Dynamics 365 Portal.  These instructions also appear in the official documentation, but I… Continue reading Setting Multilanguage in Portals

Adding a Simple Language field to Dynamics 365

Recently a customer emailed me and wondered why the “Language” field was missing from the Lead forms in Dynamics 365 (CRM). As we all know, a “Language” field does not come out of the box with D365. Note: A language option (lookup) does appear with the recent Portals 8.2 update. It turned out that a… Continue reading Adding a Simple Language field to Dynamics 365