Use Web Templates as components

While Power Pages provides a variety of components to display data from Dataverse using lists, forms, and even from embedded Power BI reports. There are times when you would want to expand these further and build custom layouts. This is where you can build custom web templates to achieve your unique requirements. Using web templates… Continue reading Use Web Templates as components

Using solutions to move Power Pages site configuration

Moving Power Pages (and Power Apps portals) site configuration from a one environment to another used to be a bit of a tedious process. While there were handy tools like the XrmToolBox portal records mover, Power Platform CLI, or the Configuration Data Migration tool, it was always an extra step to move website configuration. Now,… Continue reading Using solutions to move Power Pages site configuration

Using calculated columns in Power Pages

Form and list components in Power Pages are based on model-driven Power App forms and views, which of course are connected natively to Microsoft Dataverse. While it’s very easy to create tables, columns (fields), forms, and views in the Power Pages data workspace, for new (and even established) makers, understanding how the overall data model… Continue reading Using calculated columns in Power Pages

Demystifying forms in Power Pages

One of the key features of Power Pages is to allow users to interact directly with information stored in Microsoft Dataverse. Makers can easily create web pages with list and form components to allow site visitors to be able to create, read, update or even delete Dataverse records. However, sometimes new users get a bit… Continue reading Demystifying forms in Power Pages

Microsoft Dataverse information in Power Pages – offline!

Before I dive into the details of this blog, you will notice that in 2022, I only published twice. My day job involves creating content for Microsoft Learn, but I also have a backlog of blog ideas that really don’t fit into Microsoft Learn, so hoping that in 2023 I hope to have a good… Continue reading Microsoft Dataverse information in Power Pages – offline!

Power Apps portals is now Power Pages

My last post from May was all about the preview release of Power Pages. At that time, I explained how Power Pages was the evolution of Power Apps portals. As announced at Ignite today, Power Apps portals is Power Pages. As a Microsoft employee, its not in my best interest to say anything about Microsoft… Continue reading Power Apps portals is now Power Pages

Power Pages

It has been quite a few months since I posted a blog and the main reason is that I have been heads down working with our team on a set of new documentation that relates to one of the big announcements from Microsoft BUILD 2022. Today Microsoft has introduced the fifth pillar of the Power… Continue reading Power Pages

What is a Progressive Web App?

Around 10 years ago, there was an famous ad campaign for a mobile phone company with the catch-phrase “There is an app for that”. The concept was that for many tasks, activities or even games that were traditionally paper or full computer based could now be expressed as “apps” that could be run on mobile… Continue reading What is a Progressive Web App?

Power Apps portals: What’s new

If you have been paying attention to the Microsoft Power Platform release plans, watched sessions at Ignite as well as read Microsoft’s official Power Platform blog, you will have seen a whole series of new Power Apps portals features either released to general availability or preview in the past few months. Side note: Trading in… Continue reading Power Apps portals: What’s new

Power Apps Portals – Did you remember to lock the door?

The internet lit up a bit yesterday as UpGuard posted an article on how Microsoft Power Apps default permissions “exposed millions”. The article can be found by clicking here. The Power Platform community is also responding, see excellent articles on this topic from Danish and George Is this something you should panic about? If you… Continue reading Power Apps Portals – Did you remember to lock the door?