Using solutions to move Power Pages site configuration

Moving Power Pages (and Power Apps portals) site configuration from a one environment to another used to be a bit of a tedious process. While there were handy tools like the XrmToolBox portal records mover, Power Platform CLI, or the Configuration Data Migration tool, it was always an extra step to move website configuration.

Now, in public preview, you are able to add site configuration to a Power Platform solution and move it from one environment to another and greatly enhance your overall ALM process.

A couple of things to note:

  • This is still public preview, so experiment with this on developer, trial or sandbox sites. Stay clear of production sites!
  • You will need to enable to new enhanced data model in order to use solutions. Unfortunately, not all the Power Pages or Dynamics 365 portal templates are available to use the new enhanced data model (yet).
  • You will need to setup a site on the destination environment (and also enable it for the enhanced data model).
  • At this time, you won’t create website components in a solution, but rather create them in the design studio, Power Pages management app, Visual Studio, or other tools, and THEN add them to the solution.
  • If you add a site to a solution, and then add more components, you will need to go back and add them to the solution after (a step that I am sure I’ll miss as well, so I am reminding myself more than anything).

The announcement blog is here: Power Pages ALM using solutions

The documentation is here: Using solutions with Power Pages

Note that there are also new parameters for the enhanced data model and solutions in the Power Platform CLI tools.

Here is a video where I walk through the process:


This is a feature that has been greatly anticipated for a long time, looking forward to when it becomes generally available.

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Cover Photo by Théo Dorp on Unsplash

Nick Doelman is a Senior Content Developer at Microsoft, a Microsoft Certified Trainer, a former Most Valuable Professional (2017-2021), one of the cohosts of the Power Platform BOOST podcast, a community presenter and also competes in international Powerlifting competitions, including the upcoming World Bench Press Championships in South Africa. Follow Nick on twitter at @ReadyXRM

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