Just how fast (or slow?) is your Dynamics CRM?

I sometimes get emails or phone calls from clients mentioning that they are finding Dynamics CRM seems slow.  Despite the raw computing power of the Azure backend, physical limitations still play a role in technology.  It may be the overall distance of hundreds or even thousands of miles that data needs to be transmitted.  It… Continue reading Just how fast (or slow?) is your Dynamics CRM?

CRM Debug Info from your Browser

Sometimes while debugging or diagnosing issues, you need to get some more info about your Dynamics CRM system.  A little known feature (that I discovered today) is the Microsoft CRM Debug page.  This will list things like the CRM server, CRM database name, versions, organization guids, etc. The page is accessed simply by navigating to… Continue reading CRM Debug Info from your Browser

CRMUG Session PowerPoint

Just a quick note to anyone who was in my session and can’t find the powerpoint deck, it is located here: http://www.crmugsummit.com/viewdocument/getting-started-using-dynamics-crm?CommunityKey=be70044c-38dc-44fc-970c-e29f66a41b0f&tab=librarydocuments Note that you will need to have a CRMUG Summit site login. If you have having trouble with the link, please let me know. There are a lot of hidden slides with my… Continue reading CRMUG Session PowerPoint

Setting Up CRM Online Portals (v8)

In a previous post, I walked through how to setup the “self hosted” version of Adxstudio Portals (v7).  This would be your only option currently for an on-premise version of Dynamics CRM.  If you use Dynamics CRM Online, you have the choice of a “self hosted” version (Adxstudio Portals) or to subscribe to CRM Online… Continue reading Setting Up CRM Online Portals (v8)