CRM Debug Info from your Browser

Sometimes while debugging or diagnosing issues, you need to get some more info about your Dynamics CRM system.  A little known feature (that I discovered today) is the Microsoft CRM Debug page.  This will list things like the CRM server, CRM database name, versions, organization guids, etc.

The page is accessed simply by navigating to the URL:

<CRM Server URL>/home/home_debug.aspx

The page looks like this:


If you support many different CRM systems, here is a CRM Bookmarklet that you can add to your browser to navigate to any CRM system (cut and paste this to a short cut in your browser):

javascript: (function () { var form = $("iframe").filter(function () { return $(this).css("visibility") == "visible" })[0].contentWindow; + "/home/home_debug.aspx"); })();

This will work for both CRM onprem and CRM Online.

For CRM Online, this could also be used to assist in determining what datacenter your CRM instance is located.

According to a post from Peak Engagement, for CRM online instances located in the US, the first 2 letters of the server name indicate the region:

First Two Letters of Server Data Center
BL East US
BN North Central US
BY West US

This becomes very important when determining where to deploy a custom application on Azure that needs to interact with Dynamics CRM (e.g. Portal or Integration).

Side note: In other tests in using the Dynamics CRM Diagnostics page and Azure Virtual Machines, I have found that other data centers (EastUS2, for example) seem to have fast links and low latency to CRM online.  See my blog posting over on BDO Insights for the results of my experiment.

While simple, the Microsoft CRM Debug page provides a quick method to determine key Dynamics CRM system information.

Hope you find it helpful!


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