Arctic Cloud Developer Challenge

Earlier this month I was a judge at the Arctic Cloud Developer Challenge, also referred to as ACDC. When I was originally asked if I wanted to go to ACDC, of course I said yes, AC/DC is one of my favourite bands. However, instead of a Highway to Hell, I took a flight to Oslo… Continue reading Arctic Cloud Developer Challenge

Secrets of the Dataverse: The Report Wizard

Anyone who has been working with Dynamics CRM/Dynamics 365 at some point likely tried the Report Wizard. The Report Wizard was introduced in Dynamics CRM v4.0 as a way to quickly create ad-hoc reports. A video version of this blog post can be found on the 365.Training YouTube channel. Reports created using the Report Wizard… Continue reading Secrets of the Dataverse: The Report Wizard

What is the Microsoft Dataverse?

Today Microsoft announced the Microsoft Dataverse and Microsoft Dataverse for Teams. Check out the announcement here: Goodbye Common Data Service, Hello Dataverse. What is Microsoft Dataverse? Simply put, it’s the new name for the Common Data Service. The term “Dataverse” is part of a series of nomenclature changes as Microsoft pushes the Power Platform… Continue reading What is the Microsoft Dataverse?

Embedding a Canvas App in a Power Apps Portal

The other day I was reading the Microsoft Docs site when I came across an entry on embedding Canvas Power Apps. It is well known that you can embed Canvas Power Apps in Power BI Dashboards, Model-Driven App forms and Microsoft Teams. The docs article also mentioned that you can embed Canvas-based Power Apps in… Continue reading Embedding a Canvas App in a Power Apps Portal

What is the Power Platform?

The concept of the Power Platform is just over a year old. However, I find that there are still a lot of clients, consultants and even Microsoft employees that don’t fully grasp just what the Power Platform is and what it can do. Is the Power Platform just Dynamics 365? Isn’t PowerApps a front end… Continue reading What is the Power Platform?

New Dynamics 365 Portal Features

Summary Two of the October release features for Dynamics 365 Portals are now generally available; Manage SharePoint Documents Power BI Integration The New Portal Editor is now in a public preview. Details on configuring these features can be found at the Microsoft Docs site: Manage SharePoint Documents Set Up Power BI Integration Manage SharePoint Documents… Continue reading New Dynamics 365 Portal Features