Missing Sitemap after Dynamics 365 Update


  • If your Dynamics 365 instance is set to “Application Mode”, when you update to Dynamics 365 v9, you might lose your main Sitemap Navigation menu.
  • The Application mode checkbox is disabled in Dynamics 365 via the user interface or PowerShell commandlets.
  • You can shut off the Application mode via the NEW Power Platform Administration Center.

Something is broken…

Today one of my customers who I hadn’t heard from in a long time reached out with an “URGENT” message.  Apparently, when they logged into Dynamics 365 the main navigation was missing.


This issue sometimes comes up if the sitemap has been updated incorrectly.  In this case, no one had modified the sitemap, but the Dynamics 365 instance had been upgraded from 8.2 to 9.0 the previous night.


This is a good time to highlight that it’s a good practice to make a copy of your production instance to a sandbox instance and update the sandbox instance first to ensure that all the features and customizations continue to work.

I used the XrmToolBox and examined the sitemap.  While I did not detect any issues, I loaded the default sitemap to see if there were any issues.  The sitemap navigation bar still did not appear.

What I did notice was that Dynamics 365 was loading in “Application Mode” and had “isappmoderedirect=true” embedded in the URL.

Application Mode

Back in the CRM 4.0/CRM 2011 days, you had the option to load Dynamics CRM in something called “Application Mode”.  This would load Dynamics CRM without any of the browser menu items.  However, it would also come up with an ugly white screen and an annoying pop-up.


Over time, most clients shut this off as there are benefits to have browser buttons appear (JavaScript Commandlets anyone?).  However, this could be one of those things that one would get “used to”.

Originally, the Application Mode was turned on or off in the system settings.  However, in recent versions (at least 8.2, but I suspect earlier) is the checkbox has been disabled, both to turn on and turn off.


Application Mode Blocking v9 Sitemap Navigation?

My gut feeling was that this was the issue, however, with the setting grayed out, I couldn’t easily switch it off (also getting to that screen was a challenge, but I was able to locate the URL based on another trial system I had running).

I attempted to change the setting via PowerShell, however, I got an error that the isappmode was an invalid parameter, despite it showing up as a valid system setting.


I opened a support ticket and made some inquiries via some of the networking channels, and was made aware by former MVP and now Microsoft Program Manager Shan McArthur that this setting could be changed in the new Power Platform Admin Center.

  1. Navigate to https://admin.powerplatform.microsoft.com, Login as an Admin
  2. Click on Environments
  3. Choose the Environment
  4. Click on Settings


Click on Behavior


You can shut off the application mode.


Once I turned off the setting, I navigated back to Dynamics 365, and voila!  The navigation sitemap had returned (and no more annoying white screen or pop-up either!)



  • Going forward, a lot of the system settings can now be managed “outside” of Dynamics 365 via the Power Platform Admin Center.
  • Before upgrading, make sure you turn off “Application Mode” to prevent any disruption.
  • Also, it is best practice to have a test upgrade done to a copy of production to mitigate these issues ahead of time.

I was also told by Microsoft that this is now on their radar and it will be one of the things checked before an upgrade.  You might want to save some hassle and turn it off now before you upgrade.

Even if you don’t have this issue, you should check out the new Power Platform Admin Center.

Photo by Randy Laybourne on Unsplash

Nick Doelman is a Business Solutions MVP.  Join Nick as he presents 3 sessions at UG Summit in Phoenix, AZ from October 15-18, 2018.


3 thoughts on “Missing Sitemap after Dynamics 365 Update

  1. Hello! Thanks a lot for your post. I have a trial dynamics 365 installation and from the beginning on I was not able to see the famous site map. I got to see the site map unter settings. After checking your post, I tried the the application mode setup and I succeeded! Interesting as well is that currently the classic mode option field has no label at all, so it looks like you could be able to set the application mode twice! Thanks again! 🙂


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