Dynamics 365 Bookmarklets!

A few months ago at CRMUG Summit, I was honored to be asked to compete in a friendly competition called “XrmFactor”.

I pitched a concept called “Dynamics CRM Bookmarklets” which are really just a series of small, short JavaScript commands that you save as shortcuts in your browser that allow you to do a number of things within Dynamics CRM/365.

I was a bit surprised that quite a few people didn’t know about Dynamics 365 Bookmarklets.  These a great tools and great timesavers…

However, with great power, comes great responsibility.  These tools should be reserved for Administrators or configurators and not used for nefarious purposes.  You have been warned!

Please use Dynamics 365 Bookmarklets Wisely

For example, as an administrator have you ever needed to update a read-only field?  While a Dynamics 365 form is open, you can run the Bookmarklet short cut, and all your read-only fields become editable!

In the example below we need to update an Employee ID field which is locked.

Updating a Read-Only field.

While working on some JavaScripting or setting up Portal Metadata have you ever needed to find the specific schema names of fields on a form?  There are a few metadata browser tools out and you could always open up the form for editing, drill down on the field, tab to the details, etc, etc.  The following example BookMarklet will change your form field labels to their schema name equivalents.  VERY handy to quickly find schema names!

Displaying schema names

The last example I will show is the ability to show hidden fields on a form.  Again, there was likely a reason why this field was hidden in the first place, but from an admin perspective, a great time saving tool.

Show hidden fields

There are LOTS of examples of Dynamics 365 Bookmarklets.  Thankfully, some very industrious folks at Data8 over in the UK have consolidated and put together a GitHub repository of most of the available Dynamics 365 Bookmarklets!  Definitely recommend you go there and download this time saving tools for yourself.

Get your Dynamics 365 Bookmarklets HERE!

Here are a couple of other Bookmarklets that are not part of Data8’s repository (yet):

Have you ever needed to have a few browser windows of Dynamics 365 open at once?  Its a bit tedious open a new browser window and re-type the URL.  Here is a Bookmarklet that will automatically open another Dynamics 365 window from the same instance:

javascript: (function () { var form = $("iframe").filter(function () { return $(this).css("visibility") == "visible" })[0].contentWindow; window.open(form.Xrm.Page.context.getClientUrl()); })();

Another handy Bookmarklet is one I had posted earlier about showing Dynamics 365 Debug info:

javascript: (function () { var form = $("iframe").filter(function () { return $(this).css("visibility") == "visible" })[0].contentWindow; window.open(form.Xrm.Page.context.getClientUrl() + "/home/home_debug.aspx"); })();

There are loads of other examples. Hope you find these tools handy!


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