Happy New Year!

It has been a few weeks since I posted here.  Had a good Christmas break and was focused on the Canadian Powerlifting Central Championships.  I did “OK”, I missed my first 2 squat attempts on depth so I had to settle for 190kg (got it on 3rd attempt with 2/3 lights).  On my second attempt bench press my traps seized up but I was able to grind out 110kg (which for me is a very achievable weight).  Since I was able to make that second attempt (and had my first) I skipped and got stretched out for Deadlifts.  I was able to pull 200kg but my attempt at 210kg (which would have ended the day for me with a personal best) wasn’t quite there.

Here is a link to the highlights of the weekend (not me!) but some very strong folks deadlifting 800lbs and other crazy feats of strength.

“That’s great Nick, but we only come here for info and insights on Dynamics 365”


In terms of Dynamics 365, the re-branding marches on and hopefully the next few months will provide some clarity around the licensing and what is and isn’t included in the Dynamics 365 for Business plans.  There is more than enough noise on the Yammer, LinkedIn, CRMUG and other community forums so I really don’t need to weigh in here and add to the confusion conversation.

Adxstudio Portals

On the Portals front Microsoft announced that Adxstudio Portals v7 will only be sold on an “exception” basis after January 8th.  The focus is now on improving and expanding the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online Portals offering.  We have been assured that Microsoft will continue to provide support for existing Adxstudio Portal customers.

Hey! I’m not dead! not yet anyway…

We are in the implementation phase of a couple of portal projects using Adxstudio v7.  Our approach is to attempt to ensure that all our configuration is as close to compatible to Microsoft Online Portals v8 for the eventual migration/upgrade.

For existing and new on-premise customers, I have begun to explore The Portal Connector.  This was Adxstudio’s main competition but the folks at Pavliks provide what appears to be a great alternative portal solution for Dynamics 365.  I look forward to learning more about and will likely post some of my findings on this blog.

My next post is back to the heavy lifting of Dynamics 365 and Portal development and configuration.




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