Issue installing CRM 2016 for Outlook on Windows 10

A while back one of my customers reported getting an issue installing CRM 2016 for Outlook on a Windows 10 machine.  They were getting an error message that the installation has failed due to the fact that the version of Internet Explorer was an earlier version that Internet Explorer 8!


From my initial research, this appeared to be an issue with the fact that the default browser on Windows 10 is Microsoft’s new “Edge” browser.  And in some instances, the CRM for Outlook installer is getting confused.

Internet Explorer version 11 does still exist on Windows 10.  In order to resolve this issue, we need to let Windows 10 know that we have this version of IE installed.  This is accomplished by setting Internet Explorer 11 as the default browser, and not Edge.  At least for the time while we are installing Dynamics CRM for Outlook.

Here are the steps to switch default browsers in Windows 10:

Click the Start button (1), then choose Settings (2).


Then select “System” from settings:


Then choose Default Appsstep3

Finally, change the default Web Browser (2) to Internet Explorer (3)


This should allow you to install CRM for Outlook.  I noticed a couple of weird things.  First off, I had to choose Internet Explorer a couple of times in order for it to “stick”.  Also, my customer reported that only after they choose Chrome as the default browser that the installation worked.

I hope at least if anyone else runs into this issue, these steps will be helpful.


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