Deploying an Adxstudio Portal to Azure… without Visual Studio

One of the great things about the new Dynamics 365 Online Portals is that you can quickly deploy a portal within the Office 365 Administrative interface. If you are using the the legacy Adxstudio Portals, you will manually need to deploy the portal to IIS or to Azure in order for it to be accessible… Continue reading Deploying an Adxstudio Portal to Azure… without Visual Studio

Dynamics 365 Entity Field Mappings Explained

I have a lot of ideas for blog posts coming over the next few weeks that I think you will find not only helpful but informative, quite a bit of unique stuff on Portals another Dyn365 goodness. Today I am going to recycle another one of my BDO Insights posts regarding Dynamics 365/CRM entity field… Continue reading Dynamics 365 Entity Field Mappings Explained

Dynamics 365 Bookmarklets!

A few months ago at CRMUG Summit, I was honored to be asked to compete in a friendly competition called “XrmFactor”. I pitched a concept called “Dynamics CRM Bookmarklets” which are really just a series of small, short JavaScript commands that you save as shortcuts in your browser that allow you to do a number… Continue reading Dynamics 365 Bookmarklets!

Guide to Currencies in Dynamics 365

I originally posted this on my employer’s blog, BDO Insights last year.  I was asked recently again on using different currencies in Dynamics 365 worked.  So here again is a quick guide of how Dynamics 365 money fields, currency lookups and exchange rates work.  This will apply to both Dynamics 365 Online and Onpremise. When a Dynamics… Continue reading Guide to Currencies in Dynamics 365

Resetting Adxstudio Portal Passwords on Azure

Despite the fact that Microsoft will now only be selling Adxstudio Portals v7.0 on an exception basis (see here), there are still hundreds of portal implementations that still being deployed and supported. A common method of portal deployment is to deploy the master portal directly to Azure. As anyone who has deployed an Adxstudio Portal… Continue reading Resetting Adxstudio Portal Passwords on Azure

Setting up a Non-Interactive User

Last week I posted a method to use a Dynamics 365 Non-Interactive user as a way to use external tools (XrmToolBox, Plug-In Registration Tool, etc).  This solution came about due to the fact that the Delegated Admin doesn’t seem to work to access Dynamics 365 using these tools. Non-Interactive users are also useful when connecting… Continue reading Setting up a Non-Interactive User

Getting around Delegated Admin Restrictions

Originally when Dynamics CRM Online first came on the market, in order for CRM partners to configure or support their clients they would either need to “borrow” one of their client’s login and passwords or the client would need to purchase an additional subscription meant specifically for their partner. These partner CRM login accounts would… Continue reading Getting around Delegated Admin Restrictions