How to Delete a PowerApps Environment

If you are like me, you have been creating a lot of environments for various projects, proof-of-concepts and experiments. Sooner or later you will hit an instance/capacity issue and will no longer be able to create new or convert to production environments in your Power Platform Tenant.

PowerApps Environments

The quickest way around this is to do a bit of housekeeping. If you follow healthy ALM practices then you should be able to confidently delete PowerApp environments as you can restore your work later from source control. (This is for a different post for a different day) Ultimately, if you don’t want to lose your work, back up your data, solutions and other configurations before deleting the environment.

Deleting an Environment is actually as simple as hitting the “delete” button. However, due to some obscure wording I have seen a couple of people (smart people) get stalled on the delete process.

Choose your environment from the PowerApps Admin Center. Click to open the details screen and in the upper right hand corner, choose the delete icon.

Delete Button

You will then need to enter in the environment name to continue. This is an important step in case you slipped and clicked the delete button by mistake.

After you have keyed in the environment name, the “Delete environment” button is stilled grayed out!

Still cannot delete!

The issue (and its so simple you will want to kick yourself) is that you need to also enter in the “unique name” (orgname) of the environment in order to delete it. Once that part is keyed (or pasted) the environment can be deleted.

Environment now ready to be deleted.

The process will likely take some minutes, but eventually be removed from the list of environments in your Power Platform tenant.

Environment deleting


To be honest, this was an issue I had run into myself a while back and couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t remove an environment. Once I figured it out, I felt a bit foolish about it. I actually saw the question from a couple of other people in the community and one of the answers was to open a support ticket! Hopefully this post provides this insight quickly so you can move on from mundane housekeeping tasks and setting up new environments to build cool apps.

Cover Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash


Apparently, all the cool kids prefer watching videos, so I created a short video of this post on my new YouTube channel. Let me know if you would like me to continue to do this for my other posts.

Nick Doelman is a Microsoft Business Applications MVP specializing in the Power Platform and Dynamics 365. Follow Nick’s adventures on twitter at @ReadyXRM

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